Monthly Archives: December 2006

More than 200 Sahrawis ask Spain for political asylum

Mon Dec 4, 8:19 AM ET  MADRID (AFP) – More than 200 people from the Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara have asked Spain for political asylum after reaching the Canary Islands in small boats.
The Sahrawis are young people who in the previous 18 months took part in demonstrations demanding the independence of the Western Sahara and say they fled repression by Morocco’s security forces, the Spanish daily El Pais reported Monday.
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Fiji, 30 November 2006 – Seminar, UN Special Committee on Decolonisation

YANUCA ISLAND, Fiji, 30 November -– The UN Special Committee on Decolonization put forward 48 conclusions and recommendations regarding the situation in Non-Self-Governing Territories as it concluded its three-day Pacific Regional Seminar.
A statement by Kamal Fadel, representive of the Frente Polisario – Western Sahara, was presented regarding the issue of the Non-Self-Governing Territory of Western Sahara.
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