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Polisario 16th Congress, 13-20 January 2023

Sahara Press Service 2023

More than 2,200 members of the Saharawi liberation movement Polisario and 370 foreign guests attended the Polisario 16th Congress held in Dakhla camp (13-20 January).
The Polisario’s current head, Brahim Ghali, was re-elected at the gathering, which comes at a critical time for the movement. The delegated agreed to give the armed liberation struggle priority and intensify the fight against Morocco.

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Corruption scandal in European Parliament involving Morocco

Middle East Monitor, January 19, 2023

Morocco is embroiled in a corruption scandal that is engulfing the European Parliament. So far, at least four individuals have been arrested and charged with “participation in a criminal organisation, money laundering and corruption,” the prosecutor has said. The four remain in prison.
In Australia, we are aware that Morocco has organised several paid visits to Morocco and Western Sahara by parliamentary representatives in order to influence Australian members of parliament. Morocco did succeed in obtaining Australian government agreement to open an embassy in Rabat some years ago. However, there is no embassy in Algiers, although Algeria is a country that Australia has more business with than Morocco!

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Palestine solidarity conference, Australian Palestine Solidarity Network, Melbourne 27-29 January 2023

Kamal Fadel with members of the Australia Western Sahara Association provide conference attendees with information about Western Sahara

The representative of the Polisario Front in Australia, Kamal Fadel, participated in the Palestine solidarity conference held in Melbourne in January 2023.

The Palestine Solidarity Conference brought together a diverse range of people who are passionate about the Palestinian and Saharawi cause, and are interested in campaigning, organising, and advocating for the just causes. Over three days, participant engaged in workshops and plenaries, and explored avenues in which the movement can work together to achieve a bigger and more sustainable impact.

A workshop was organised on the striking similarities between the issue of Western Sahara and the Palestinian cause.

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