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5 May 2008 – University of Sydney; Lecture on Western Sahara decolonization issue

The representative of the Polisario in Australia Mr. Kamal Fadel was invited by the Politics Society at the University of cimg0438.JPGSydney on 5 May 2008 to give a talk on Western Sahara: The talk was attended by a large group of students and the Australian public.

The talk was under the title: Western Sahara: The last colony in Africa, the role of the UN in decolonisation and conflict resolution.

The Saharawi representative gave an overview of the process of decolonisation in Western Sahara which begun during the Spanish period when the UN put the Territory on its list of Non-Self-Governing Territories in 1963. Continue reading

New Zealand’s illegal trade in North Africa

Monday, 19 May 2008, 2:33 pm
Article: Gordon Campbell
On May 25, a Turkish owned ship called the Cake is due at Lyttleton harbour, and similar port records show the same ship is due in Napier between 3-5 June. On both occasions, the Cake will be unloading a cargo of phosphates that originated in the Western Sahara region of North Africa. This is a highly dubious trade, in seeming violation of the UN Charter.

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Freedom House: Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara still one of world’s ‘most repressive’

image008.jpg7 May 2008 A prominent human rights group has again denounced the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara as one of the ‘most repressive’ situations in the world today.The U.S.-based human rights watchdog Freedom House yesterday released its annual report on the world’s most authoritarian regimes and gravest human rights situations.Titled Worst of the Worst: The World’s Most Repressive Societies 2008, the report classified Morocco’s presence in Western Sahara alongside more well-known human rights catastrophes like China, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe.

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New Zealand’s biggest fishing company being criticised

wsmap3.jpgRadio New Zealand
8th May 2008, 7:19 am

New Zealand’s biggest fishing company is being criticised by a European human rights group for operating in disputed waters off Africa.

The Western Saharan Resource Watch human rights group says Sealord owns shares in the company Europacifico, which processes fish caught by a Moroccan company in waters off Western Sahara.

AWSA letter sent to Impact Fertilisers Aust. CEO

“Accepting a phosphate rock shipment from Moroccan authorities in the occupied Western Sahara is a serious violation of niki.JPGfundamental ethical norms and international law. It gives the impression of political legitimacy to a brutal occupation, and undermines the UN peace process to find a solution to the conflict. Please put further importations on hold until the conflict in Western Sahara is settled”, Cate Lewis wrote in a letter to the company on behalf of AWSA on 6 May.

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