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Denmark warns businesses over Western Sahara

Copenhagen (DanWatch) – Denmark is joining an increasing number of governments with official policies against trade in non-renewable resources from Western Sahara. The Danish position echoes the non-trade policies of fellow Scandinavian governments Sweden and Norway.
“Taking the principles of international law regarding non-renewable resources from Non-self Governing Territories as a point of reference, it is the opinion of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that such exploitation should not take place,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement.


A line in the sand: Africa’s last colony

By Ivan Broadhead South China Morning Post Sunday Post Magazine May 11, 2008Built to keep the Sahrawi from their own land, the berm that bisects Western Sahara is a potent symbol of Morocco’s determination to hold on to Africa’s last colony in the face of long-standing – but weak – international pressure
A Moroccan cluster bomblet protrudes from the Sahara sands among the dunes where 10-year-old Saeed Mahmoud and his five-year-old brother, Hassan, are shepherding their goats.

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