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Javier Bardem: I’ll say “whatever the hell I think is right”

Salon,  Oct 19, 2012
By Andrew O’Hehir
“….Since 2008, when he first visited the Algerian refugee camps where up to 150,000 Sahrawis — the formerly nomadic people native to the Western Sahara — have lived for more than three decades, Bardem has become a leading international activist on an issue that few in the Western world even know about, let alone want to touch   (….cont.)

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Western Sahara: Wesfarmers agrees to stop using stolen phosphate, but doubts remain

village-western-sahara_0.jpgBy Ron Guy, Green Left Weekly,
October 20, 2012

Over the past three years Christian Super, a not-for-profit industry fund, has engaged in dialogue with Australian company Wesfarmers over its sourcing of phosphate rock from Western Sahara. Phosphate is used in its production of agricultural superphosphate……(continued..)

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Australian importer temporarily avoids Western Sahara phosphates

Western Sahara Resource Watch,  06.10 – 2012

The Australian company Wesfarmers stated in its annual report that it for the coming production year, it will avoid phosphates from Western Sahara. Its fertiliser subsidiary company, CSBP has been a main importer of the controversial resource from the occupied territory.
On 27 September, Wesfarmers published its 2012 annual report. The company, which has for over two decades been a major importer of phosphate rock from Western Sahara, wrote:
“In late 2009, the division announced an investment of almost $5million in a regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) to allow diversification of phosphate rock supply options…..(cont.)

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Christian Super congratulates Wesfarmers for its course of action

Christian Today Australia, 3 October 2012

“Over the past three years Christian Super has engaged in dialogue with Wesfarmers over its sourcing of phosphate rock from Western Sahara. Phosphate is used in their production of agricultural superphosphate…….After Christian Super and other interested parties met with Wesfarmers in 2009, Wesfarmers made the decision to invest in a technology and plant upgrade to reduce itsreliance on phosphorous rock imported from Western Sahara”…..(cont.)

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