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Accepting status quo on Western Sahara ‘serious miscalculation,’ warns UN envoy

UN News Centre, 28 November 2012
Christopher Ross, the Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy for Western Sahara has expressed concerns over delays in a resolution to the Western Sahara conflict. He said the conflict over the final status of the territory of Western Sahara has gone on for far too long and must be resolved, adding that any acceptance of the status quo is a “serious miscalculation.”


European Parliament Resolution – Press release from the Polisario European office

Strasbourg 13/12/12
The European Parliament has expressed its concern at the deterioration in the human rights situation in Western Sahara, through an amendment to the annual resolution on Human Rights in the World, approved today.

Commenting on the vote, Dr. Mohamed Sidati, Polisario’s representative for Europe, said, “It is very significant that the European Parliament, as the democratic voice of the European Union – which itself has just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize has again called for the fundamental rights of the people of Western Sahara,

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Javier Bardem: We must stand up for abused people of Western Sahara

Special for CNN,  December 13, 2012

Javier Bardem first visited the Western Sahara in 2008 for the Sahara International Film Festival, the only one of its kind to take place in a refugee camp. He went there knowing  little about the conflict in Western Sahara and returned from this visit with a determination to speak out about the Moroccan abuse of Saharawi rights and openly advocate for a resolution to the conflict.

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Palestine in Africa, 7 November 2012

Article by Emanuel Stoakes on Nov 7, 2012

“Military occupations bring certain themes to mind: human rights abuses; poverty; crowded refugee camps, and so on. Geographic references are equally synonymous: Palestine, Kashmir or West Papua, to cite the most recent example. Rarely, if ever, is the miserable situation in the sparsely-populated province of Western Sahara cited. (cont…)

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