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AWSA Press Release: Impact Fertilisers halts phosphate imports into Australia from occupied Western Sahara

Australia Western Sahara Association
For immediate release – 21 October 2013

The Australia Western Sahara Association welcomes the decision by Impact Fertilisers to halt importing phosphates from the occupied territories of Western Sahara.
Mr. Jim Mole, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Impact Fertilisers wrote on 21 October to  AWSA stating “Impact Fertilisers has not sourced phosphate rock from Western Sahara for a considerable period of time now…Additionally, we have no current plans to source product from this region in future.”
Cate Lewis, AWSA Vice-President said: “This is excellent news, although it would be even better if the company would undertake not to import this controversial phosphate until the conflict in Western Sahara is settled.”
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A homeland for deserving Western Saharans: Promises made over 40 years must be honored

Promises made over 40 years must be honored
by David Keene, The Washington Times, Sunday 20 October
Last month, a Spanish forensics team called in to examine the remains of six adults and two children found in a mass grave in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara raised anew charges that in seizing the area in the 1970s, the Moroccans had captured or arrested and killed hundreds of Western Saharan civilians. (cont….)

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Time for action in Western Sahara

Le Monde diplomatique, 21 October, by Tom Stevenson

In October United Nations envoy to Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, began a diplomatic push to finally blot out one of the darkest stains on the UN’s record.
The visit took in Rabat, Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara, and the territory controlled by the Polisario Front, which fought a 16-year war against the Moroccans. The goal was to break a decades-long deadlock and move toward finally solving the problem of the UN’s last “non self-governing territory” in Africa. (cont….)


AWSA press release 3 October welcomes Swedish pension fund blacklisting of Incitec Pivot Ltd

Australia Western Sahara Association Press Release (AWSA) , 3 October 2013

“Melbourne-based fertiliser company, Incitec Pivot is blacklisted by Swedish government pension fund for imports from Western Sahara.
The Swedish government pension fund has divested from Incitec Pivot Ltd as a result of a finding by the Swedish Ethical Council, which stated on 30 September that:
“The recommendations on exclusion of Incitec Pivot Ltd and Potash Corp. are based on both companies being purchasers of phosphate (cont…)

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New York Times: The Nomads’ No Man’s Land

New York Times: Latitude – Views From Around the World
October 2, 2013,
The Nomads’ No Man’s Land

FREE ZONE, Western Sahara — Some parts of the Sahara are more of a no man’s land than others. The most extreme example is the so-called Free Zone, a strip in the Western Sahara, with territory occupied by Morocco to the west and Algeria to the east. Strewn with mines and inhabited by just a smattering of nomads, the area is controlled by the Polisario Front, a state in exile that has been based in refugee camps in southwestern Algeria since 1976….(cont.)


Why I’m a Moroccan Standing with the Sahrawi People

by Nadir Bouhmouch:   Born in Casablanca and raised in Rabat, Nadir Bouhmouch is an award-winning filmmaker, human rights activist, feminist and film/global justice student at San Diego State University.
“My first encounter with the Sahrawi-Moroccan conflict also happens to be one of the first and most striking memories of my life. Only three years after the ceasefire, I was four years old when my mother, my grandfather and grandmother were on a vacation in Merzouga, a small desert town in south-eastern Morocco just a few kilometers from the Algerian border. During our stay in Merzouga, my mother– a fan of adventure…..(cont.)

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Swedish government pension fund blacklists Sahara importers

30 September 2013

            Photo: Incitec Pivot fertilizer plant in Australia.

The Swedish government pension funds today announced in a press release that it had decided to exclude phosphate importers PotashCorp and Incitec Pivot.
The fund states in the release that engagement with the two companies did not lead to changed practice despite several years of effort, and that the fund’s ethical council “has therefore chosen to terminate the dialogue and issued a recommendation to each fund to exclude the companies’ shares from their investment portfolios. All four funds have elected to follow the recommendation”.