Broadcast of “Broken Families” has been postponed for a week – now Sunday 9 Feb

The broadcast of “Broken Families” has been postponed for a week and is scheduled for transmission on Sunday 9th February at 22.30 GMT. It will be repeated at 09.30 Monday 10th, 03.30 Tuesday 11th and 16.30 on Wednesday 12th.

Screening will take place in UK Parliament
Brahim Dahane is coming to the UK to speak at this event.

On Sunday 9 February 22.30 GMT Al Jazeera is broadcasting a documentary about Saharawi human rights defenders starring Brahim Dahane. Entitled “Broken Families” and it is in a series called Witness. It is possible to stream it live at :

GMT is 11 hours behind Eastern Standard Australian time.

For more info on the “Broken Families” film >>

Readers will recall the visit to Australia in 2011 of Aicha Dahane, the sister of Brahim, who described the devastating effect his disappearance had on their family in 1987.  Instead of silencing him, the experience made him all the more determined to fight for the rights of his people.  Brahim is president of the ASVDH (Saharawi Association for the Victims of Human Rights Abuses committed by the Moroccan state) and is a leader of Saharawi resistance within the occupied territory.  The film shows him attending the trial of the Gdeim Izik group in Rabat just one year ago