Australian tour of Aicha Dahane: Human rights activist and International Officer for Forum Future for Saharawi Women

aichabwp1020345.JPGAicha’s tour dates:
Melbourne 5-11 May
Canberra 11 May
Sydney 12-18 May
Perth 18-22 May

The Australia Western Sahara Association (AWSA) has invited human rights activist from Western Sahara, Aicha Dahane, to visit Australia.
In her role as a human rights defender for Western Sahara while a law student in Rabat, and because of the involvement of her brother, Brahim Dahane, president of the ASVDH (Saharawi Association for Victims of Human Rights Violations by the Moroccan state) in political activism, Aicha was subject to serious pressure, intimidation and harassment by the Moroccan regime. As a result she sought political asylum in the UK in 2002. Aicha is in daily contact with her family living in occupied Western Sahara, a life she knows well and which she shared for 28 years.

Melbourne program 6 & 10 May >>

Sydney program 12 – 18 May >>

Perth event, Thursday 19 May 6:30pm, Reception Room, Fremantle Town Hall