Briefing 1/04/2010: the situation of the Saharawi Human Rights Defenders

Briefing Concerning: the situation of the Saharawi Human Rights Defenders / prisoners of conscience who are on hunger strike in the local prison of Salé (Morocco)
Day 15 of the unlimited hunger strike
The hunger strike started by the political prisoners on the 18th of March 2010, is now in its 15th day. This has gravely impacted their medical situation, which was poor to begin with, and provides serious reason for concern. They’re now entering in a dangerous phase, which will affect their health even more and could possibly threaten their physical well being and their lives.

We have noted the following complications in their health situation:
·        Ali Salem Tamek: suffering difficulty of breathing, acute asthma which needed medical attention last night, has vomited several times and he can’t move or walk.

·        Brahim Dahane: suffering severe stomach aches, lost consciousness last night at 3 AM which required immediate medical assistance, paralyses of his left hand.

·        Ahmed Nasiri: suffering cardiac pain, heart palpitations up to 82/min, high blood pressure of 9/11, moreover loss of mobility.

·        Yahdih Ettarrouzi: suffering both cardiac and intestinal pain.

·        Rachid Sghayar: suffering painful joints and low blood pressure of 7/11.