Celebration of 35th anniversary of the Saharawi republic in Australia

Youtube link: Raising the flag for Western Sahara, 27 Feb 2011

Melbourne (Australia) February28, 2011(SPS) The Saharawi national day was celebrated in Australia with flag raising ceremonies and a dinner organized by the Australia Western Sahara Association in addition to musical concerts and exchange speeches. According to the  Saharawi  representation in Australia.

Georgia Vlassopoulos, Chair of AWSA Victoria welcomed everyone to the 2011 celebration of the Saharawi national day in Melbourne.

“It is the 35th anniversary of the declaration of the Saharawi Republic, she said, and we hope very much that this year will be the end of its years in exile.”

Cate Lewis Vice-Chair of AWSA gave an update on the hunger strike of the human rights activists, Ali Salem Tamek, Brahim Dahane and Ahmed Naciiri, reminding the gathering that last year this occasion had drawn attention to wrongful imprisonment of the Saharawi human rights activists known as the Casablanca 7.
Rose Iser, representing the member of the Federal Parliament from the Green Party Mr. Adam Bandt, expressed willingness to work with AWSA to forward the cause of justice for the Saharawi people.

Afterwards those present enjoyed a night of music provided by local music groups.

It worth noting that the flag of the Saharawi Republic was raised in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Newcaste to mark the 35th anniversary of the Saharawi republic.(SPS)

link: Raising the flag for Western Sahara, 27 Feb 2011