Exclusive: Sahrawi Activist Sultana Khaya Speaks from Moroccan-Imposed House Arrest in Western Sahara

March, 21, 2022

Sultana Khaya speaks about her de facto house arrest for nearly 500 days

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In an exclusive interview, Democracy Now speaks with prominent Sahrawi human rights activist Sultana Khaya in occupied Western Sahara. Moroccan authorities have held her and her family under de facto house arrest for nearly 500 days, where she has been subjected to harassment and sexual abuse. A delegation of U.S.-based activists arrived at her home last week to break the siege and ward off police surveillance.

Adrienne Kinne, peace activist, former U.S. Army sergeant and former president of Veterans for Peace.
Sultana Khaya, prominent Sahrawi human rights activist.
Stephen Zunes, professor of politics and international studies at the University of San Francisco.