Illegal importation of phospate into Australia

Give Sahara just deserts, by Daniel Breen 
Published in Geelong Advertiser, 10 January 2007, page 10
(See also AWSA Press Release  9 Jan 2007)
HUMAN Rights advocates have called on fertiliser company Incitec Pivot to stop importing phosphate from a disadvantaged African colony.  Incitec Pivot currently imports phosphate from Western Sahara but the money goes to Morocco
a practice that has raised the ire of Australian Western Sahara Association. The organisation claims that Morocco effectively steals the product and that carrier Pilion, which docked in Geelong with a load of Western Sahara¹s finest yesterday, was in violation of UN regulations.

In a bid to increase awareness of Western Sahara’s plight, group members Cate Lewis and Ron Guy yesterday set up an information site near Incitec Pivot’s North Shore headquarters. The pair said they hoped that by educating others a movement to stop Morocco profiting from the colony¹s best export opportunity would gain momentum.

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