Press Release: Incitec Pivot continues plunder in Western Sahara

The Australian Fertiliser company, Incitec Pivot (IPL), has been involved in the exploitation of Western Sahara phosphates for many years in violation of international law.
IPL latest shipment of phosphates from Western Sahara is due to arrive at Geelong on 12 June 2014 on board the Cypriot flagged bulk carrier Western Fedora vessel.
The cargo is estimated to be worth about US $4 million.
The Polisario Front (Western Sahara independence movement) Representative to Australia, Fadel Kamal, “deplored IPL illegal and unethical exploitation of phosphates from Western Sahara through deals made with the authoritarian regime in Morocco which illegally occupies the Territory and oppresses its people.”
The Saharawi Representative said that “IPL deals with the tyrannical regime of Mohamed VI entrench Morocco’s illegal occupation of our homeland, deplete a vital resource for our people and undermine our right to self-determination.”
He added that “those deals deeply hurt our people and are illegal, immoral and unethical.”
Mr.Kamal urged “IPL to put an end to its involvement in the plunder of our resources and to follow the example of other Australian fertiliser companies, CSBP/Wesfarmers and Impact Fertilisers that have stopped importing phosphates from Western Sahara through Morocco.”
On May 15, Saharawi authorities wrote to Incitec Pivot and demanded the return of the phosphate cargo aboard the vessel to Western Sahara or to hand over the shipment value to the Saharawi authorities. This is because according to the letter “Incitec Pivot Limited has not purchased the commodity lawfully, that is, Morocco’s state owned vendor of the cargo, the Office Chérifien des Phosphates SA, could not have acquired proper title or right to the phosphate because Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara is illegal and the taking of resources from the territory constitutes the war crime of pillage.”
The Saharawi Representatives have warned IPL since 2005 in meetings-the latest was in May this year-and through correspondence of the illegal occupation of Western Sahara and the grave human rights abuses which have continued in the territory but IPL has ignored all the warning so far.
Morocco invaded and has illegally occupied Western Sahara since 1975.
No country or international organisations recognise Morocco sovereignty over Western Sahara and UN doesn’t consider Morocco as the administering power of the Territory.
For further information please Contact: Representation to Australia Kamal Fadel: 0416335197
Press Release: Incitec Pivot continues plunder in Western Sahara