Sons of the Clouds screened in Melbourne

Afterward the screening there was a discussion about the filmIn collaboration between Filmoteca and the Australia Western Sahara Association (AWSA), The Sons of the Clouds documentary was screened to a large crowd at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne.

The film was introduced by Cate Lewis, Vice-President of AWSA, saying  “Every year, in the most remote of the four refugee camps near Tindouf in south west Algeria, a magical, miraculous thing happens,”

“ The Sahara Film Festival takes place on a big screen outside at night. It’s called FiSahara and last October saw its 10th anniversary.”

“In 2008 Javier Bardem went. His experiences there made him really want to tell the story of the Saharawi people to the world and do his bit to help them gain their long-promised vote of self-determination.”

“Sons of the Clouds won the Goya Prize in 2013 for best documentary and has been shown in many film festivals, at the European Parliament, in New York with the Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights and in the Australian Parliament in Canberra.” Ms. Lewis said:

After the screening there was a discussion about the film with the participation of Kamal Fadel the Saharawi representative to Australia and Cate Lewis Vice-President of AWSA. The session was chaired by Professor Damien Kingsbury, director of the Centre for Citizenship, Development and Human Rights at Deakin University.