Strange international silence about Moroccan army killing Saharawis

Moroccan army killing Saharawis in the occupied territories of Western Sahara amidst a strange international silence

The articles below do not report about hundreds peoples injured or killed after the Moroccan attack of 8 November, an attack that is still on-going according to reports by Saharawis activists under siege.

The Moroccan army and secret police is attacking houses, arresting activists, and reports talk about heavy losses in human lives, but there is no way to investigate because none can walk in the streets or take photos now.

No international medias is there to report, and the few videos we had are done by activists with non-professional cameras but they succeed to give a scope of the seriousness of the situation.

The UN Mission on the ground did nothing, at least publicly, and no country so far condemned the Moroccan violations.

International journalists, especially Spanish but also the American journalist John Thorne of the INTERNATIONAL, have been victim to police harassment, Spanish journalists were not allowed to enter the territory.

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