Violations against human rights in the Western Sahara after the April 25, 2013 UNSC Resolution 2099

Between April 26, 2013 (the date on which the Security Council adopted Resolution 2099) and April 5th, 2014, Morocco has continued its usual repressive policy with regard to Sahrawi civilians in the part of the Western Sahara it occupies and in Southern Morocco.

In fact:

– the withdrawal of the resolution proposed before the Security Council by the United States in April 2013, a proposal on which the Sahrawi population and human rights defenders had been relying heavily in order to put an end to the human rights’ violations by the Moroccan State,

– Security Council Resolution 2099/2013, which  did notbroaden the mandate of MINURSO to cover human rights monitoring and protection in the Western Sahara,

Are two elements that have apparently encouraged the  Moroccan State to continue committing human rights violations, in flagrant contradiction of the official stance of Moroccan authorities and of the commitments agreed to by various Moroccan authorities on different occasions : when discussing the report to the United Nations’ General Secretary in April 2013, when agreeing to submit Morocco to universal periodical review by the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, in May 2012, or even in the joint statement given by the United States and the kingdom of Morocco, which was published in November 2013, after a visit to the United States by the King of Morocco, etc.

The Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders Collective CODESA, worried by the serious human rights situation in the Western Sahara, has reported the human rights violations committed by the Moroccan State between April 26, 2013 and April 8th, 2014. The balance is grim and bears witness to the absence of a real will on the part of Morocco to respect human rights in Western Sahara.

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