Western Sahara dumped by Trump for peace deal between Israel and Morocco

by Kamal Fadel
Australia’s National Forum: On Line Opinion  posted Tuesday, 22 December 2020

On December 10, President Trump announced that the United States in return for Morocco’s establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, would recognise its claim to Western Sahara, a Territory considered by the UN as Africa’s last colony whose people are entitled to the right to self-determination.
Trump’s decision is entirely contrary to what the International Court of Justice concluded in 1975, that Morocco did not have any claim to territorial rights in Western Sahara. Much of U.S. diplomacy in Africa and standing in the world has been damaged by the announcement on December 10 as Trump upended a longstanding bipartisan US policy on Western Sahara that has stood the test of time. (cont.)

On line opinion by Kamal Fadel