Colin Murphy reports on the forgotten conflict of Western Sahara

April 21, 2007. Atocha Street, Madrid. Spain. Demonstration in defense of the legitimate rights of Saharans to the self-determination and independence, and against of the spanish goverment support to Morocco, state that occupys illegally western Sahara frThe Sunday Business Post, 15 November 2015
Colin Murphy reports on his visits to the Polisario-run camps, in Algeria, some years ago and more recently where roughly 100,000 people live a barren existence, without a functioning economy or proper services.
He writes, “On a separate trip to Western Sahara, I met dozens of Sahrawi activists who said they had been arrested, beaten, imprisoned and tortured for activities ranging from graffiti to human rights work to political protest. Among these was Brahim Sabbar, whom I met in Dublin again recently, as he attended an event run by the Irish human rights organisation, Front Line Defenders. (…cont.)

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