Perpetuity can not overshadow the $ 200 million annual stolen phosphate

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9 June 2017

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Monday, June 5th 2017. The trial of the Saharawi political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik group opened before the Court of Appeal in Salé – Morocco. activists for the independence of Western Sahara and Human rights defenders , but also the lawyers by their absence protest against this unfair trial whose first hearings were held on March 13th 2017 after months of postponements.

On June 6th, in the space authorized for the Saharawi demonstrations, surrounded by the hubbub of Moroccan sound systems friends of Sid Ahmed Lamjayed sentenced to life imprisonment expressed their support and demands, among 80 other demonstrators.

On the panels we could read “Agrium shame on you”, “The phosphate is Sahrawi, and it belongs to our people”.

Sid Ahmed Lamjayed is the president of the CSPRON The committee to support the peace settlement and to protect the natural resources in Western Sahara.

In a meeting with Equipe Media Mohamed Jaaim, general secretary of CSPRON, said: “I denounce the systematic plundering of natural resources in Western Sahara by Morocco and its accomplices in particular the phosphate, the indispensable element in the global agriculture.

Lemjayad was sentenced to life imprisonment because he took a political stance and not for acts that have never been proven.

We created the CSPRON in 2005. Since then and even before Lamjayad says that the goal of the occupation of our country is to plunder our natural resources and that’s totally illegal because we do not agree with that.

That’s why he was condemned so heavily, the crux of the problem is there, the willingness to appropriate our resources and our categorical refusal.

Our placards thanks the government of South Africa which stopped a cargo of Saharawi phosphate representing about 6 million dollars, the vessel which was going to New Zeland for a cooperative foundation called Balance Agri-Nutrients will be juged on of his property on June 6th.

Another vessel of similar cargo was arrested in Panama, it was going to Canada for the company Agrium. These two vessels alone are worth $ 12 million. By comparison, the World Food Program “WFP” provides the equivalent of $ 7.9 million for refugee camps where our families survive.

We, the Saharawi people, are not beggars, and we could live in peace without asking anyone for help if we were free on our land. ”

Jaaim is a former employee of Phosboucraa. He was sent to Morocco in 2006 because of his union activities.

According to the Western Sahara Resource watch WSRW the extracted phosphate from the Sahrawi mine of Boucraa by the Moroccan OCP represents $ 200 million in the year 2016. The United Nations and in last December the European Court of Justice, made it clear that phosphates and other resources in Western Sahara, whether renewable or not, can only be used on the condition of consultation and the agreement of the Sahrawi people .

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June 9, 2017

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