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AWSA’s statement on the kidnapping in the camps

24 October 2011

The Australia Western Sahara Association today condemned the terrorist
attack on the Saharawi refugee camps that resulted in international aid
workers being injured and kidnapped.

AWSA expresses its deepest sympathy for victims and their families and
solidarity with the Saharawi people.

Three European aid workers, two Spanish citizens and one an Italian, working in the Saharawi refugee camps, were kidnapped on Saturday night by terrorists.
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Press Release: Javier Bardem Petitions the UN General Assembly’s Fourth Committee on Western Sahara

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

“Ladies and gentlemen:
I am very grateful for the opportunity and the privilege to speak to the Fourth Committee today.

I am here as an independent citizen. I am not affiliated with any political group or representing any government.
It is our duty as citizens, to remind our leaders of their responsibilities when injustice occurs.

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Javier Bardem: Let the People of Western Sahara Speak

Huff Post World blog, 4 October 2011
The “Arab Spring” sends us a very clear message: the people must speak! Across North Africa and the Middle East, people are crying out for a free choice over their future.

But there is one place where this desperate cry is being silenced. The territory of Western Sahara, the last colony in Africa, has been under Moroccan occupation since 1975
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Australian lawyer questions legality of phosphate imports from Western Sahara


The Australian Institute of International Affairs hosted an event on Wednesday 5th October in Melbourne on the issue of Western Sahara under the title: Western Sahara and its Phosphate Rock: is Australia in a Hard Place?

The speakers during the event were the Saharawi representative to Australia Mr Kamal Fadel and Mr Tim Robertson SC, who is a senior barrister and civil libertarian with a very broad practice including international law.

AUDIO TRANSCRIPT of the meeting – at this link scroll to the meeting dated 18/10/2011 titled  ‘Western Sahara and its phosphate rock: is Australia in a hard place?’

READ A SUMMARY of the presentations by the two speakers

AWSA calls for urgent action by the UN Commissioner for Human Rights

In a letter sent to UNHCR dated 30 September 2011, AWSA calls for urgent action by the UN Commissioner for Human Rights to intervene and protect Saharawis who are under violent attack by Moroccan settlers in the city of  Dakhla in occupied Western Sahara. It is understood that the Moroccan security forces and police have not acted to protect the lives and property of the indigenous Saharawi.

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Reuters report : Western Sahara clash exposes tensions with Moroccans

Western Sahara clash exposes tensions with Moroccans
By Souhail Karam

DAKHLA, Western Sahara (Reuters) – Moroccan security forces deployed in the city of Dakhla in the disputed territory of Western Sahara this week after an outburst of violence that pitted members of the indigenous Sahrawi population against their Moroccan neighbours.

Moroccan officials said 7 people were killed after rival groups of supporters clashed following a soccer match last Sunday, and local criminals then joined in the violence.


Joint-Statement for a Western Sahara without violence and racism

Statement by Saharawi Human rights NGOs and committees following the recent brutal crackdown by Moroccan armed militias

“Since 25 September 2011, the Saharawi civilians in Dakhla, in the south of Western Sahara, are facing brutal and oppressive attacks from Moroccan armed militias. These militias reside in the Alwakala neighbourhood, home to thousands of Moroccan settlers brought into the territory by the Moroccan government in 1991, to participate in the envisioned referendum in Western Sahara…..

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Week of violence and repression in Dakhla in occupied Western Sahara

AWSA summarises a week of violence and repression in Dakhla on the southern coast of occupied Western Sahara.

Disturbing news is coming out of Dakhla, the southern city in occupied Western Sahara. It appears that violence erupted on Sunday 25 September as people were leaving a football match between the local Saharawi team and a Moroccan team from Casablanca. The police and security forces stepped back to allow Moroccan settlers to attack Saharawis, it was reported, see : (in English)

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